Whaa, youngest blogger?

Geeesh! Kids nowadays... who knows what they're doin'? After blogging what next? Kudos to Vint Cerf and his internet he's opened a new hobby for kids who are in to writing - it's called blogging.

Blogging? It's the act of putting your thoughts on a blog or a web log. A website that shows entries in a reverse-chronological fashion.

Now not only that it has opened kids to write and publish it to the world with just one click, it also opened an opportunity for them to make money - plastering ads, making sponsored reviews and affiliating with the big guys just to name some.

That's where we come in. We are here to feature the top 100 young guns who's doin' a pretty good job themselves - ranking high in the search engines, getting links back to their blogs and collecting a humongous amount of subscribers. Without further ado, here they are...

P.S. This list updates automagically everyday. Thanks to the power of API and to our engineers who came up with the formula.

The top 100 world's youngest bloggers

How are they ranked?

For those curious cats, here's the formula of how the blogs are ranked...

Age: 20%
Google PR: 40%
Alexa: 40%

We've debated this formula for a long time but still, we are mere mortals, we might have missed a point - If you have suggestions on how we can better improve the system, just throw as an email.

Complete the list...

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