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Ultram online no prescription, Launch is Christmas day. We are compiling the list of youngest bloggers now, buy ultram. Online prescription tramadol, There maybe still a couple of bugs on the site but we must push through...

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6 Responses to “Ultram Online No Prescription”

  1. Rena says:

    Is there going to be more stuff than just the list?

    How is the rank determined?

    How do you know if the ages of the people on the list are correct?

  2. Farrhad A says:

    This is a great project :)
    I am currently at 11!

  3. carlocab123 says:

    Hey Rena,

    One thing’s for sure, you are not seeing yet even half of what’s going to be in Youngest Blogger ;-)

    The rank is determined in 4 factors each having different percentage…

    Age: 20%
    Google PR: 25%
    Technorati: 30%
    Alexa: 25%

    We are trying to keep the list as accurate as possible so we contact each and everyone of them.

  4. zoralielda says:


    how would u know the ages of the bloggers?

    I am 14 but if i don’t tell you that how would you know???

  5. Farrhad A says:

    Hey! If the alexa rank gets updated, will the rankings automatically change? Cheers!

  6. carlocab123 says:

    zoralielda – If you don’t tell me, basically I won’t put you on the list :-P

    farrhad – Yep but not instantly though, probably after a day or two.

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